Detective Trousers is a cat working homicide in this animated police procedural.

Featuring the voice talents of:

Louis Cancelmi as Detective Trousers

Danny Mastrogiorgio as Captain Froggyface Padlilly

Elisabeth Waterston as Stacey Wolinski

Russ Meneve as Detective Barts

Julia Hoff as Detective Bradley

Zachary Scheer as Detective Moonshine

Detective Trousers was made by Zachary Scheer and Matt Choi with an original score by Dan Dzula.

Promo Two

The beat goes on and so does the ticking of the clock as the gold watch murders are wound just in time leaving only one big hole for Detective Trousers to fill. Question is, is the wound going to be left in a dart board or a target? And metaphorically speaking who's throwing or shooting respectively? The gang at RDPD wound up with a long night on their hands, or at least, around their wrists.

Promo by Zachary Scheer

Promo by Zachary Scheer