"Detective Trousers in The Beat Goes On" is an animated short about a cat working homicide. Contact: detectivetrousers@gmail.com

Made by: Zachary Scheer and Matt Choi with an original score by Dan Dzula. Featuring: Luis Cancelmi as Detective Trousers, Danny Mastrogiorgio as Captain Froggyface Padlilly, Elisabeth Waterston as Stacey Wolinski, Russ Meneve as Detective Barts, Julia Hoff as Detective Bradley, and Zachary Scheer as Detective Moonshine.


Santa Claus retires but always delivers.

Starring Paul Yee and Emily Tarver Shot by Matt Choi Music by Tommy Sica Written and Directed by Zachary Scheer


A knight goes treasure hunting with a pirate. They find that they're not over her.

Starring Zach Steel and Adam Carpenter Shot by Paul Yee Sound Design by Dan Dzula Music by Sam Altman Written and Directed by Zachary Scheer


Documentary on the life of a Camry.

Starring Peppy Featuring Interviews with Joel Scheer, Sam Woods, and Tom Young Sound by Jennie Scheer Music borrowed from Phillip Glass and an anonymous composer from around the 19th century, most likely Welsh Edited and Directed by Zachary Scheer